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SOLE is a group of musicians that draws inspiration from traditional songs of various countries and infuses them with new elements and colors, resulting in a unique fusion of jazz, folk, and world music. 


Their debut album “ELOS“ serves as a musical statement, with its melodies and lyrics conveying messages from different parts of the world. Through elegant arrangements of folk songs, it forges a fresh vocal and instrumental realm that captivates a diverse audience. 


Júlia Kozáková’s versatile singing embraces Romani, Bulgarian, Spanish, Swedish, and Slovak languages, complemented with musical arrangements that seamlessly blend Eastern European jazz, Andalusian flamenco, Argentine zamba, while also intertwining Romani and Balkan traditions, all anchored in the fluidity of jazz. This harmonious fusion of vocals, piano, accordion, bass, and percussion engenders a vibrant and engaging musical dialogue.

Júlia Kozáková is a talented singer, best known for her debut album “Manuša“ (2022), which earned her the Radio_Head Award for “Best Slovak World Music Album.“ 

The singer toured Europe with this album, performing at international festivals, and was nominated for the “Best New Talent Award“ by the European platform Upbeat. 


She studied at SOAS University of London, UK and is currently pursuing her jazz vocal studies at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, Czechia. She may also be recognized for her work with the band o Gadže Bašaven.



Ľudovít Kotlár is an acclaimed jazz pianist. After his studies in Katowice, Poland and at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, Czechia, he collaborated with Lukáš Oravec and Grammy award-winning, Wayne Escoferry, to record his debut album, “Hangin’“ (2018). 

This gifted musician is also pursuing a career of a pop singer, having composed and performed various songs, including “Nespoznávam“ or “Tak mi svieť“. In addition to his contributions to SOLE, he is also recognized for his work with the big band Lukáš Oravec Orchestra and the Ludo Kuruc Band.



Ľubomír Gašpar is a multi-instrumentalist, well known in Slovakia as a solo cimbalom player. He has released a solo album, “Ľubozvuk“ (2021), as well as “The Point of View“ (2017), which had received the Radio_Head Award for “Best Slovak World Music Album.“ 

In his artistic endeavors, he draws inspiration from the folklore of various nations and fuses it with jazz, classical music, and other genres. Besides his involvement with SOLE, he is a member of several successful ensembles, including the Ľubomír Gašpar Cimbal Project, Júlia Kozáková – Manuša, and the Roby Lakatos ensemble.



Filip Urda is a talented musician and teacher who received the Music Fund Prize at the “New Faces of Slovak Jazz“ competition for his instrumental performance. He also obtained a special prize for the best original composition. 

In 2018, as part of the Erasmus program, he pursued studies at the Conservatorio Alfredo Casella in L’Aquila under the guidance of the esteemed pedagogue Dario Flammini. You may also recognize him through the musical ensemble “Especias“, which fuses swing, jazz, classical music, folklore, latin music, and groove. 



Juraj Raši is a highly sought-after Slovak drummer, producer, and educator who studied percussion at Kunst Universität Graz, Austria, under the guidance of, American drummer, Howard Curtis. 


In addition to being a side-man on various projects, he also stands out as a songwriter and leader in his author project N.E.B.O.’s debut album ‘P.S. I Love Me’. 


Raši also serves as the drummer in the Tibor Feledi Kairos Quintet, which was honored with a Radio_Head Award for their debut album “Common Playgrounds“ (2018) in the “Jazz Album of the Year“ category.





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